Gas stove hob installed at Dirk van der Hoff street Brakpan

Part of this installations pipe work entered and exit through ceiling to supply the 5 burner Smegg gas stove hob in the kitchen. 

When entering roof only stainless steel piping are allowed. The ends of stainless steel pipes are not allowed in ceiling and must be connected to pex pipe before entering ceiling and after exiting ceiling by means of special fittings. Further more this fittings have to be surface mounted for easy maintenance and inspections.

Electrical installations used a 4kg regulator with a 19 kg bottle fitted in a cage. Pex pipe(gas pipe) were wall mounted inside 20mm PVC conduit pipe to protect against UV Ray’s. Warning signs, directional signs and information plates were mounted next to bottle and emergency shut of valves.

Electrical Installations issued a Certificate of Conformity (COC) after gas pressure and leak tests we’re performed. This is mainly for insurance purposes and the users safety. 

This certificate of compliance is valid for as long as no changes are made to the system or until change of ownership..
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