Gas installation 20 liter geyser

Electrical Installations installed a 20 liter (Atlas) gas geyser and as per the clients request disconnected the existing electrical geyser.

Electrical installations fitted a 3kg regulator which allows sufficient gas feed to the gas geyser (2.8kpa). 12/16 mm pex pipe were used to supply gas from bottle(48 kg cylinder) to the gas geyser. Shut of valves were added on the hot and cold water pipes to control water flow, as well as on the gas pipe to shut off gas in case of emergency. Electrical Installations cover the gas pipe with a UV protection sleeve. Warning signs, directional signs and information plates must be visible.

After passing the gas pressure and leak test, Electrical Installations issued a Certificate of Conformity. (COC) The COC is for insurance purposes and peace of mind.

“Save money, install gas”

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