Electric Fence at Gerrit Maritz street

Electrical Installations installed a new electric fence at Gerrit Maritz street, Dalview,  Brakpan. Upon completion the COC (Certificate Of Compliance) was issued for insurance purposes, bond transfers and quality work done.

Gouge screws we’re used to fit the six line poles to existing wall. These screws are very strong and reliable. The wizard 4 energizer can cover more or less 8 km of electric fence lines, that is more than sufficient for this site application. Our line configurations according to legal requirements is done in series connection.

Electrical Installations did implement earth monitoring so that  when earth line are cut; sirens will go off. The live in and out lines are also protected by sirens. Aluminium braided fence line where used in this installation. Electrical Installations tested the joules to ensure it’s within legal requirements. Every 10 meters along the electric fence warning signs are placed. Stays are incorporated to ensure that the electric fence doesn’t pull skew. In the corner areas of the wall 2 stays are incorporated.

Electrical Installations installed lightning arestors and earth spikes.

Warren is the owner of this installation and for a reference give him a call on 0825558860

For Electric Fence COC’s (Certificate of Compliance), contact Alwyn on 064 247 3812