Electrical Fence Installations

We specialize in commercial and industrial certificate of compliance (COC's) for electrical installations.
We do not do certificate of compliance (COC's) for residential or domestic properties for electrical installations.


Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993 (Act 85 of 1993).  Accreditation for conformity Assessment (PS).

Aim (Goal)

Before issuing an electrical certificate of compliance, the property involved should be tested and inspected to ensure it complies with SANS regulations and codes.

Inspection of Installation

Warning signs, lighting arrestors, brackets, energizer, earth spikes, stays and wirings.  Series connection and HT cable.

Please take note

Any properties with electric fence before the 1st December 2012 must either upgrade the fence to new regulations or remove it on the sale or transfer


Test and Inspection will indicate the required repairs if any to issue an electrical fence compliance certificate (COC).

Quote Test

The COC will be quoted on request determined by the size of the installation.

Quote Repairs

The amount of faults and time estimation will determine the costs of repairs to legalise the

Other Service

We also do fault finding and alterations to existing electric fence installations.