Commercial & Industrial Electrical Installations

We specialize in commercial and industrial certificate of compliance (COC's) for electrical installations.
We do not do certificate of compliance (COC's) for residential or domestic properties for electrical installations.


Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993 (Act 85 of 1993).  Department of Labour.  Electrical Contractors Association and Electrical Contractors Board.

Aim (Goal)

Before issuing an electrical certificate of compliance, the property involved should be tested and inspected to ensure it complies with SANS regulations and codes.

Inspection of Installation

By law all plugs(socket outlets), must be protected by earth leakage.  We do earth leakage tests, pscc test, installation resistant test, loop impedance, polarities, resistant test, circuit breakers, voltage, elevated voltage cross sectional area of wiring circuits, illegal circuits, distribution box and earth continuity etc.  Isolator of stores, geyser and gate motors etc.

Please take not

In May 2009 it became a legal requirement to be in possession of a certificate of compliance issued by a registered installation electrician.  Appliances such as stoves, air conditioning units, lights and geysers are not covered by COC and test report.


Test and Inspection will indicate the required repairs if any to issue an electrical compliance certificate (COC).

Quote Test

The COC will be quoted on request determined by the size of the installation.

Quote Repairs

The amount of faults and time estimation will determine the costs of repairs to legalise the installation.

Other Service

Maintenance, repairs and fault finding on electrical appliances such as on stoves, geyser and swimming pool pump.  Tripping of earth leakage/circuit breaker etc.  Electrical wiring and construction of new installations and alterations and cable joints.