COC for Gas Stove and Electrical Wiring.

Electrical Installations test and inspected a property at Mitchell Crescent street, Brenthurst, Brakpan.

The client needed COC’s (Certificate of Compliance for Electrical
installations and Certificate of Conformity for Gas installations)

The COC for the Gas Stove:
Upon inspection Electrical Installations found that the gas stove installation was not compliant to the code. The bullnose regulator and orange hose for outside use was illegal.
Electrical Installations remove the illegal pipes and regulator and redid the whole gas stove installation so that it is compliant and a COC was issued. .

The COC for the electricity of the house:
Upon thorough inspection of the house and it’s electrical wiring, we identified a couple of electrical faults.

Electrical Installations repair the gate motor isolator, faulty plugs and TN – CS connection (resistance to high on earthing system) Upon completion of correcting all the electrical faults at the house.
Electrical Installations issued a COC for the house electricity.

Alwyn Geyser at Electrical Installations is certified to issued Certificate of Compliance and Conformity for both the gas stove and electrical installations. Contact Us for more info on 064 247 3812