Electric fence in Norkem park

The installation of this electric fence requested Electrical Installations to issue a compliance certificate. Electrical Installations inspected the fence and did the required tests.

Warning signs every 10 meters and two on the gate. Earth spikes every 30 meters and 3 earth spikes or electrodes as close as possible to  energizer interconnected to the earthing system. The live in/out and earth must run through lightning arresters. Lines carrying live electricity in domestic premises are not allowed closer than 1,5 meters from the ground. HT cable that connects  energizer to the fence and that earth the line to the ground is covered by conduit pipe where possible. A trench for the conduit is made in the ground underneath the gate that leads the HT cable to the gate contacts to transfer power pas the gate. The gate is not allowed to be energized when opened. 

The old chain method is no longer legal. Joules on domestic lines can not be higher than 7,8 J.

Electrical Installations issued a Certificate of compliance (COC) for insurance and safety purposes. This COC is transferable if no adjustments is made to the installations. 

For electric fence installations and COC ‘s contact us on 064 247 3812.