Electric certificates can be issued

Electric Compliance Certificates can be issued at a starting cost of R550 (2018 rates apply)

Alwyn Geyser a qualified installation electrician performs about 15 tests for COC’s to ensure that the installation is safe. Certificates of compliance will only be issued once the electrical installation comply to all requirements

Some of the tests done are:

  • An earth leakage test, this is done by testing all the wall plugs with a earth leakage tester, the earth leakage must then trip. This is a very important test because, it prevents electric shock to humans, animals and possible damage to appliances in and outside your home.
  • Prospective Short-Circuit Current (PSCC) Test; If there is a short circuit under the circuit breaker the circuit breaker must be able to handle a certain amount of amps, and the test makes sure that the circuit breaker can handle these amps.
  • Z loop impedance test or also known as earth loop impedance test is to make sure that the circuit is disconnected fast enough to prevent overheating and possibly a fire.

Alwyn Geyser a qualified installation electrician is present at all sites to ensure that the work is done at the high standard that is required for the COC.

Although it is Alwyn’s job to make installation compliant, he will not compromise the legal requirements. No COC will be issued if electric installation is not 100% compliant. His high standard ensures work of quality is done that can be trusted when your electric installation is done or electric COC is issued.

He is a competent electrician that can do new electric installations, fault finding on existing installations, alterations, certificate of compliance etc.

For electric installations and COC certificate, contact Alwyn on 064 247 3812

This electric installation and COC certificate was issued in the Edenvale area.